Declaration of Truth


1jesus_savesI remember before I knew Jesus, how lost and hurt I felt. I was so desperately looking for answers, but found myself only discovering more questions. I had finally come to the conclusion that I was a lost cause and had no hope.

I would hear things like, “You need God in your life” and “You need to put your faith in Jesus,” but those words meant nothing to me. They were hollow, cliché words that people seemed to say to me just because.

Like so many others in this world I had a tainted view of who God was and what it was to be a Christian. I wanted nothing to do with a God that was going to remind me of how much of a failure I was. I just couldn’t understand how these “holier than thou” people thought embracing a God that I had no ability to obey, or even please, could change anything.

Like so many others, I had closed the door on God because I simply didn’t know.

I didn’t know that He wasn’t upset with me……. I didn’t know how proud He was of me……. I simply didn’t know the truth.

That the entire reason Christ came is because I was a hopeless failure who couldn’t possibly obey God’s law, and He loved me too much to condemn me, so He gave me a way out. It’s because of this that He died on the cross….. to save me from myself. To die, and pay for all of my wickedness, simply because He loves me.

Let’s be real. Every single one of us is a failure to God’s standard.  Be it a liar, cheater,  gays, murderer, porn, adultery, bigot, rapist, gossip. I could go on but you get the point.

He loves each and every single one of us exactly the same, in a way we cannot fully comprehend. And His grace is for every single person on this earth. No sin greater or smaller in God’s eyes, justified by our King.

God is love, this is how sinners come to repentance. In their sin they must know that they are loved, not judged.

You see it everyday, Christians spewing hate in the name of God. The loudest ones seem to be the ones sharing about a God full of hate and vengeance. Individuals who push people away from Christ by changing a God of love into a hateful and unloving deity.

This is exactly why it is imperative for us, as believers, to share what we have found. I don’t know if it is shyness or fear of judgment that keeps a believer from sharing about Christ, but it has to stop!

The freedom, love, and the incredible hope that God offers is lost on so many people because they don’t understand, or even worse, they think that they understand, but are basing their information on the preachings of the proud, the ignorant, or the downright hateful.

Think about it – right now, this very second, there are countless people hurting, alone, and scared, with absolutely no hope. Who want to believe, and need God to save them from themselves; but they cannot, nor do they want to follow this God that they think they know based on the rantings of people who have perverted the message of the unconditional love of God.

These people need to know what we know. You don’t need to have scripture memorized or have all of the perfect answers. Just sharing with them the God that you know, the God that you have experienced and felt. The simple story of your life, and of who God is to you, will change lives. I am living proof of that.

Most non believers are firmly against who we are and the God we serve based on inaccurate and twisted information. It is up to each one of us to set the record straight, not by pointing fingers and telling those people they are doing it wrong, or to do it our way or you are gonna burn, but  by simply letting them see firsthand that it is about freedom, not restriction; forgiveness, not condemnation; and, most importantly, that our God is a God of love, not hate.

Justin Ludwig

18 thoughts on “Declaration of Truth

  1. One of the best things we can do as believers is share our testimonies because you never know how many people are going through the same thing as you are. This is a strong argument for God against non believers because all it takes is seeking the truth, by the time you find it you will find yourself right in the lap of God.

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