I am not saying that I am better than you because I am a Christian. I have lied, cheated, stolen. I was a monster, far worse than anyone I have ever met. I’ve done things that would horrify you and I stand before you saying that I am forgiven and that I am going to heaven. You call me a hypocrite!?….. no no no. I would be a hypocrite if I thought I was better than you… but I don’t.

I am just a man, who admits that I am a sinner. I have done bad things to myself and to others most of my life. So to say that because I believe the only way to be made right is to admit defeat, trust that He loves me enough to know my heart and forgive me.

That doesn’t make me better than you, it just means I recognize the Truth. And the Truth is that I love because God is love, Jesus is love. That’s it, a self sacrificing, everyone above me kind of love is what God desires from me, from us. So don’t get it twisted, just because you had one, two or a thousand bad experiences with christians doesn’t mean you have us figured out.

Love and blindly being okay with everything around us is not the same. Alot of Christians get it twisted, I know. I see it everyday, and they are wrong to hate. You shout tolerance then you judge me because I love?  We may have more in common than you realize.

Written by: Justin Ludwig.

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