Unity through Love

​It seems disagreement instantly incites insults, hate and strife. What if, and nowadays it’s a big what if, but what if we discussed instead of insulted. If we are so passionate about our beliefs and want others to see what we see. How can we ever hope for change and unite as a peope if we dig our heals in and say “nope, my way’s right and you are an idiot.” I am not here to lecture, I am sharing to say, unity is the only hope we have. Discuss and share out of love, because if anger and frustration is your motivator, all that will be created is further division. At this point in our country if we do not unite, even when we don’t agree, we are doomed. I am not saying change your beliefs to keep the peace. What I am saying is just voice it through love….always through love, and you will be amazed at the changes that will take place.

Written by: Justin Ludwig 

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