The Power of Your Testimony

Some people are intimidated when it comes to sharing their journey with God. Some have a fear of speaking perhaps, but it seems many avoid it because they feel their testimony is not exciting enough. They feel that they cannot be effective because they didn’t have some dramatic transformation, so they stay silent. Perhaps they feel embarrassed because they feel their story is no good or boring, I don’t know.

They let their fears blind them from the truth. And the truth is, that everyone’s testimony is effective. It’s just a question of who it will speak to. And the crazy thing is we never know who our words will speak to until we do it. It may not even be anything we say, but somehow by merely approaching someone, God has already spoken to the them through that action and our words are irrelevant. I kid you not, I have experienced this time and time again. It’s awesome 🙂

What needs to be realized is that the most important part of a testimony isn’t how broken we were before Christ saved us. Yes, a dramatic transformation makes for a great story, but the purpose of a testimony is not to tell a great story. The focus of a testimony is telling people how God is working in our life and by doing that we are saying that He can work in their life too, even if you don’t say it.

Your story is unique, your personality is unique and you can reach people that others can’t. We each have our part to play in the great commission and we must not be silent.

It is our personal experience that draws people into being willing to find out for themselves, then God will take it from there.

Be bold, be loving,  be sincere. Above all, be blessed .

Written by: Justin Ludwig

5 thoughts on “The Power of Your Testimony

  1. Thank you! Great share and fur future receive how can I ‘repost’ your material on my page. I’m thinking waiting a tweet as on Twitter.

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    1. I’m not sure but I am stoked that you are wanting to share my stuff. I think it’s the “press this “button on the bottom. If that works let me know so I know how to share others stuff as well. Be blessed my friend

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      1. I coult not find the reblog option next to the ‘like’ toggle. Please keep the permission open yo future posts. It is possible to repost “Addicts Are Not Beyond Hope” but not with “I Trust, but I Worry” nor this one.


        1. I looked at my settings and I don’t see anything that could be changed that would help. I lift everything the same the only difference I see is a picture. If you have any ideas how I can fix it on my end I am all ears because I would love for you to share my stuff with those who need it. It found a link
          I don’t know if that’ll find you a work around from the actual button. I hope you can figure it out 🙂


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