Can you hear Him?

wp-1507962515119.jpgCan you hear Him?

In the midst of the chaos, He is assuring You that He is in control… the middle of our very personal, excruciating pain and sadness, He is screaming how much He loves us…. can you hear Him?

I’d like to say that I always feel completely confident in my faith, but that would be a lie. There are times when the pain is so deafening it seems to distract me from hope and His voice is drowned out…. I begin to feel like I am sinking…. then the doubts begin to whisper. “God has left you”…. “you are just fooling yourself, give up”…. “you are alone and hopeless”….

Unfortunately in our journey with Christ we will not always feel His presence or comfort. We won’t hear His voice and we will feel like we are on our own. Speaking just for myself, this place can be terrifying. When my world seems to be crumbling down around me and God seems to be silent….

It is in these times we must choose to trust. These times can be the hardest for a christian. When everything inside of us is screaming doubt, hopelessness or fear. When we must disregard every fiber of our flesh and rationality and choose to trust that God hasn’t gone anywhere….. that He is working on something. It is in these places that we must choose to believe that He does love us and that no matter how hopeless it seems, He will come through.

We won’t always hear His voice, but I am here to tell you without a doubt that God is right there, in the middle of your agony, screaming His love for you.

Choose to believe and you will be blessed.

Written by: Justin Ludwig

4 thoughts on “Can you hear Him?

  1. This is true in one’s Christian life! The times when we don’t feel God’s presence is when we are most tested. Thank you brother for your testimony.

    P. S. – I like to invite you to share your story on my blog. How was your like before you walked in faith and what has become of you thereafter. I hope you’ll find interest in this exercise. Let’s spread the good news of salvation one story at a time.

    Link here:

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        1. That is so awesome man! I kid you not, knowing even one extra person may hear of the power of Christ in my life gets me so fired up. It’s funny you are doing this, literally last week I emailed several people at my church trying to compile people’s testimonies for probably similar reasons. Not only is it great practice for the person writing it but to have a resource as powerful as a stack of personsal encounters with Jesus…. So powerful. Stay the course my friend and keep spreading the Word. Be blessed

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