Greetings Saints of The Most High,

I pray in the name of Jesus that this letter finds you well. We/RawDisciple Ministries had decided to take time off from requesting donations lately due to Covid and the financial stressors it created in so many lives. Many of you donors continued to donate without any sort of promotion or request. So for those individuals and families, RawDisciple as a whole, the two ministries in the Philippines and I, Justin Ludwig (President) thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity, faithfulness and desire to love in action.

I have very recently been informed by both head pastors in both of our partnerships in Mindanao, Philippines and they are in need of help from the body of Christ, you and me. We/I very humbly but boldly are asking for your prayers, blessings and financial donations to help feed our brothers and sisters and get a powerful/impactful ministry able to get back on the road to where Jesus needs to be heard and experienced.

Current/Urgent Need #1

Pastor Lyndle is the head pastor for our partnership ministry in Dipolog City. He is the son of Pastor Advento who passed away this last year. Pastor Advento was the amazing man of God who took me into his home for over 2 weeks when I traveled there to proclaim the awesomeness of Jesus. Truly a great man of God.

Pastor Lyndle reached out to me, shoken up and in need. He proceeded to inform me that he had just gotten into a bad car wreck with their ministry vehicle (see attachment 1 & 2). I know from personal experience that without a vehicle over there, it cripples their ability to reach nearly as many people because of the long distances, rugged terrain and very sporadic weather.

Current/Urgent Need #2

Pastor Sehob is the lead pastor for our other partnership in Cagayan de Oro. Pastor Sehob was my interpreter for my 2 week trip to Mindanao a couple years ago and boy,talk about an awesome dude. Not  only a man on fire for God. But such a hilarious, good man and I am honored to call him my friend and my brother. They have two pressing needs at this moment;  

a) the first and most important is a severe lack of food. Knowing these individuals personally I know they only would specify food when they are in sincere trouble. So I know they desperately need our help. 

b)The second need is they have started to build a septic tank but haven’t been able to complete it because they ran out of funds and could really use our help. No donation is too small. 

I know both of these men and ministries personally and I cannot think of two groups of brothers and sisters in Christ with more integrity, love and a fire to proclaim Christ. We/RawDisciple hope and pray that God puts it on your heart to help however you can. If you are unable to financially donate we ask that you let others know of this need and what a very worthy cause it is. Most importantly we ask that you please pray for these needs and for our international families. 

Me and everyone affiliated with RawDisciple sincerely loves each and everyone of you and am proud to call you our brothers and sisters.

Be the blessing and love in action.

(Donation and prayer info below)

Financial Donations

If you are led to help the cause for Christ you have a couple donation options;


Mail: Make checks payable to “RawDisciple Ministries”   23564 Western Ave unit B. Harbor City, CA 90710

PayPal :

Website Donation:



RawDisciple Ministries 

Justin Ludwig (President)


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