Fundraising or Donation Letters

I feel God has blessed me with an ability to write. I may not be the most articulate or conventional of writers but my sincerity, passion and love cannot help but shine through when I write. Most of the pieces that I write I share with the world free of charge. The reason for this is because I want the world to know what Christ has done in my life. I share in the hopes that others will hear my words and want what I have found. And that is the grace of Jesus, the love of God and the hope of glory.

I feel passion, sincerity and enthusiasm are a very powerful tool when it comes to ministry fundraising. I feel a passionate and heartfelt letter can make all the difference. It can move Holy Spirit to inspire hearts and has the power to give birth to something powerful.  It can increase your donations and/or inspire people to get involved.

I am offering my services to write fundraising or donation letters for you to distribute to raise funds and awareness for the cause you are serving.

I am not looking to make a lot of money off of this. The minimum cost would be $1.00 – $5.00  depending on the content and cause.

I have an entire blog of writings for you to take a look at to see my style of writing and the passion I have. If I seem like someone that may benefit your cause/ministry I encourage you to reach out to me.

RawDisciple Ministries